Loyalty, fairness, transparency

Since 2009 we have used a Code of Ethics, established to express ethical commitments and responsibilities in the conduct of the business and professional activities of the company and our collaborators, whether they are directors, employees or third parties.

The Code of Ethics contains the set of principles and guidelines whose observance is of fundamental importance for the achievement of social and business objectives, for the smooth running of operations, for the reliability of management and the image of the company.  These principles inspire our operations, behaviour and relationships both internal and external to Gruppo Bioimpianti.

One of the key factors in Gruppo Bioimpianti’s reputation is its ability to conduct its business with truthfulness, fairness, transparency, honesty and integrity, and in compliance with national and international laws, regulations, standards and guidelines.

In observance of the principle according to which “companies are committed to fighting corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery”, GRUPPO BIOIMPIANTI rejects corruption in all its direct and indirect forms.