A strong, dynamic and constantly evolving global network

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Gruppo Bioimpianti is an Italian company, founded in 1992, specializing in the design, production and marketing of orthopaedic prostheses, osteosynthesis systems and related instruments.

From its head office in Milan, and from its branches in France and Australia, the company sells and exports its products to over forty countries all over the world, sustaining a strong, dynamic and constantly evolving global network. However, it pays particular attention to widespread distribution, so it can always guarantee excellent service.

We work exclusively with Italian and European suppliers to achieve the highest quality standards available on the market.

We have chosen to develop the entire production cycle in-house: from design to production, from marketing to after-sales service.

Production controls, a high level of staff training, close collaboration and support for our customers, are just some of the characteristics that allow us to call our products “exemplary“.

We work every day

to improve the lives of our patients,

giving them back the chance to


Our technological decisions and our vast experience allow us to design and manufacture some of the best products in the industry, complying with the most demanding international standards.

Our range of products is comprehensive and capable of responding to different surgical needs by adapting to the individual characteristics of each patient.

Reconstructive orthopaedics, traumatology, paediatrics and customized devices

These are just some of the areas in which our team of professionals is committed to developing and supporting projects that allow patients to enjoy their mobility.


We create a relationship of trust and mutual growth.


The production process from the idea to the packaging.


The key element that distinguishes Gruppo Bioimpianti.


More than 40 distributors and two branches, in France and Australia.


Commitments and ethical responsibilities.


The environmental and social impact.