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23 September 2022

1st K-MOD PS implant in Libya performed at Al Rasheed Hospital, Tripoli

New Milestone: First K-MOD PS implant in Libya, performed at Al Rasheed Hospital in Tripoli. The...
23 September 2022

52 Congreso Peruano de Ortopedia y traumatologia

52 Congreso Peruano de Ortopedia y traumatologia Desde el 21 hasta el 24 de Septiembre somos presentes en...
23 September 2022

20èmes Journées Lyonnaises de Chirurgie du Genou

20èmes Journées Lyonnaises de Chirurgie du Genou Come and join Fabio Bedini, Marco Sabatino and Robert Rodriguez at Booth 14,...
14 September 2022


Case report: Impianto di protesi di ginocchio K-MOD con inserto mobile UC con realtà aumentata Pixee...
05 September 2022


New K-MOD TENSOR for ligament balancing in TKA . Ligaments balancing is one of the objectives...
19 July 2022

Case report: Revision of unicompartmental knee prosthesis with K-MOD PS with allergy coating

June 2022 Casa di Cura Privata “Villa Verde”, Fermo, FM, Italy Orthopedic Team: Dr. Antonio Torella,...
13 July 2022

Giornata di formazione surgeon-to-equipe

8 Luglio 2022 Giornata di formazione surgeon-to-equipe, presso l’Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli Sicilia, sulla nostra protesi primaria...
04 July 2022

Case report: Bilateral K-MOD with Dynamic Congruence Insert

June 2022 Istituto Clinico Sant’Ambrogio (Milano, Italy) orthopedic surgeon: Dr. Andrea Pagani Bilateral total knee arthroplasty...
08 June 2022

Case report K-MONO

Case report K-MONO K-MONO unicompartmental knee arthroplasty on lateral compartment performed at Casa di Cura San...
19 May 2022

Case report : K-MOD REV for TKA revision after 10 years

Case report K-MOD REV TKA Revision, after 10 years, with K-MOD REV with TiNbN coating, performed...
04 March 2022

4 March 2022: 30th Anniversary

4 March 2022 : 30th ANNIVERSARY Today we celebrate our 30th year in business! Thanks to...
18 February 2022

K-MOD 3REF Instruments set

The K-MOD 3REF FEMORAL INSTRUMENTS set is now available. The new femoral reference system (3REF) allows...

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