Non-cannulated titanium locking nail for proximal fractures of the femur.

  • Modular system, standard and intermediate model;
  • Reduced valgus angle;
  • Static or dynamic

The Basic-Nail locking nail for pertrochanteric fractures is an excellent fixation device with fast implantation and a simple surgical procedure .

  • Easy and quick implantation thanks to the reduced valgus angle (4°);
  • Easy removability thanks to the surface finish carried out using Type II anodization;
  • Interfragmentary compression on the fracture front;
  • Drilling guide for centering distal holes;
  • Stabilization and adaptability of the fixation device to the evolution of the fracture site, static or dynamic mounting;
  • Possibility of using a Steinmann nail above the cephalic hole to avoid head rotation during insertion of the cephalic screw;
  • Conical lag screw, facilitates insertion and saves bone stock.


The Basic-Nail and all its components are made of Titanium alloy Ti 6Al 4V grade 5 ELI according to ISO 5832/3 standards.

After machining, a DOTIZE® Type II Anodizing treatment is carried out. DOTIZE® is a registered trademark of DOT gmbh.

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