When the head and the mobile cup have different centres of rotation, they spontaneously tend to align themselves under load along the longitudinal axis of the neck, which coincides with the line of action of the weight force.


As a result, in a bicentric bipolar prosthesis the dome never slips out of line and always remains well centred in relation to the load line.

This results in lower risk of dislocation, less load distribution on the natural cup, reduced possibility of seizure and, last but not least, enhanced radiographic acceptability.

Minimal wear of the natural cup

The tapered profile of the metal rim of the cup prevents it from coming into contact with the articular cartilage of the acetabulum, even in extreme positions. This avoids the “grating” effect and minimizes the acetabular wear typical of endoprosthesis.


  • Reduces the risk of dislocation;
  • Less load distribution on the natural cup;
  • Reduced possibility of seizure;
  • Enhanced radiographic acceptability.



Metal cup

  • Stainless steel, in accordance with ISO 5832-1;
  • Chromium Cobalt Molybdenum alloy* compliant with the ISO 5832-4 standard.


  • Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) GUR 1020 according to ISO 5834-2.


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