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Total Mobility

Osteoarthritis is a common chronic condition in which damage to the cartilage and surrounding tissue in the knee and hip joints result in friction between the bones, pain, stiffness and loss of function.

If other treatments, such as drugs, therapies or injections, have proved ineffective, a total joint replacement may be the way to regain total mobility.


All the topics discussed are to be considered a guide for the patient, in an attempt to provide simple explanations of the condition and advice on the main therapies, but they do not claim to be able to replace a specialist examination since only the examination of the patient can provide a correct diagnosis and therapy.

Knee replacement

Total knee arthroplasty, performed daily in specialized facilities, involves the removal of worn cartilage on the articular surfaces of the femur and tibia by means of techniques to prepare the bone that will house the components and the positioning of the femoral and tibial components on the two surfaces, so that they “cover” the old surface.

Hip replacement

Arthroplasty is the only effective therapy for the treatment of coxarthrosis. Surgery replaces the diseased joint with the consequent disappearance of arthritic pain, through the surgical replacement of the femoral head and the acetabulum (socket) with artificial components.


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