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The purpose of GB Academy is to provide orthopaedic surgeons and other healthcare professionals with a comprehensive range of medical education opportunities, particularly with Surgeon to Surgeon programs.

Our corporate training division was born out of the need to develop courses aimed at both doctors and our sales force.

We develop personalized and interactive training courses, which feature a collaborative learning environment.

The courses delve into specific products or procedures, giving surgeons and healthcare professionals exactly what they need to know to do their jobs.

Our educational courses include

  • Workshops and Presentations at GB headquarters;
  • Presentation and discussion of complex cases;
  • Visit to the GB production site;
  • Live Surgeries at our reference centres.

The educational courses are broken down by level


With a tour of our production site is possible see how in our products are founded together innovation, technology and attention, that only the Made in Italy is able to guarantee.


A one-day only theoretical course, with Factory Tour and visit of Gruppo Bioimpianti Headquarter, focused on particular procedure or products


Theoretical and practical course, lasting two/three days:

During the theoretical session,  are provided information on the product and basic operating technique concepts with workshop and presentations

The practical session also includes the possibility of taking part, as an observer, in Live Surgeries at our reference centers.


Focused on particular procedures: hip revisions, customized surgeries and anterior approach

The course is divided between theoretical and practical sessions and it is organized at our reference centers


Only live surgeries sessions, organized at out reference centers


Day dedicated to the in-depth study of a single product with multiple live surgeries sessions, organized at our reference centers

What's new?


We have introduced a new series of training possibilities for our clients in South America: GB Academy South America.

With this training program, you will be able to attend courses in the most important hospitals in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with, also, the opportunity to attend live surgeries.

The live surgeries are focused on the following topics:

  • Primary Hip, also in anterior approach 
  • Revision Hip
  • Uni Knee
  • K-MOD System and K-MOD REV 



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