K-MONO and BLU-IGS: New case report

25 juillet 2023

Implant of K-MONO 3CUT allergy femur with METALBACK Ti Tibia, performed by Dott. Prof. Norberto Confalonieri and Dott. Paolo Collivadino at Casa di San Giovanni (Milano), using BLU-IGS Navigator.

BLU-IGS Navigator is the only navigation software with dedicated research module: it integrates anatomical data, surgical workflows and biomechanical models in order to support the surgeon during the surgery.
✔ Imageless procedure
✔ Accurate planning of the lower limb, in O.R., based on pre-op arthritis deformity in full range of motion (ROM)
✔ Precise correction of deformity and perfect restoring of ligaments balance
✔ Evaluation knee kinematic and stability pre and post implant, even with trial or test components
✔ Procedure for the real mininvasive surgery

The patented K-MONO modular system allows for two different approaches to the femoral area: Resections (3CUT) and Resurfacing (RES), both compatible with the two anatomical tibial component (MetalBack and AllPoly).

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