19 janvier 2024

Are you interested in attending one of GB Academy courses, that we will organize throughout the year?

The educational program for the first part of 2024 is available on GB website! Don’t miss the opportunity to join us, in a collaborative learning environment, during:
✅ Workshops and Presentations at Gruppo Bioimpianti headquarters
✅ Presentation and discussion of complex cases
✅ Visit of Gruppo Bioimpianti production site
✅ Live Surgeries at our Reference Centres

The purpose of GB Academy is to provide orthopaedic surgeons and other healthcare professionals with a comprehensive range of medical education opportunities, particularly with Surgeon-toSurgeon programs.

To find out more about GB Academy and consult the program, please, visit the dedicated page on Gruppo Bioimpianti website:

Professionnels de santé

La section « Professionnels » s’adresse uniquement aux professionnels du secteur médical ou des soins de santé.

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