The new generation of Evo-Nail.

The Evo-Nail PLUS is a nail that allows the surgeon to treat a wide spectrum of femoral fractures, offering advantages such as a simplified surgical procedure and different surgical options.

The 10 years of follow-up and the technical refinements that enhance its efficiency make the Evo-Nail PLUS a modern and safe tool for the treatment of proximal fractures of the femur.

  • New pre-assembled locking mechanism;
  • Simplified surgical technique;
  • Guide with radiolucent indicators;
  • Reduced valgus angle (4°);
  • Static or dynamic mounting;
  • Three lengths available.


The Evo-Nail PLUS nail and all its components are made of Titanium alloy Ti 6AL 4V grade 5 ELI  according to ISO 5832/3 standards.

After machining, a DOTIZE® Type II Anodizing treatment is carried out. DOTIZE® is a registered trademark of DOT gmbh.


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