Modular stem for resection of the proximal femur.

The system consists of three basic elements:

  • a proximal component (CCD angle 135°);
  • a distal component;
  • a locking screw.


Modularity is ensured by the range of component sizes, which are all compatible with each other. For even more precise surgery, 50 mm cylindrical spacers can be used, starting with the 175 mm proximal component.


  • Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V grade 5 ELI ISO 5832-3

SMR Resection modular prosthetic system

Developed through close collaboration with the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute of Bologna, the SMR Resection modular prosthetic system combines simplicity and versatility, providing a wide range of reconstructive possibilities.

  • Modular system;
  • Can be assembled in the operating theatre.

A cervical-diaphyseal angle of 135° improves abductor leverage by optimizing hip stability. The modularity permits intraoperative assembly, making it possible to customize the implant for each specific need.

SMR & SMR Resection

The distal component of the SMR Revision Stem is also used in conjunction with the proximal component of the modular SMR Resection stem.

The surgeon therefore has the option of using cemented or non-cemented distal components for both SMR and SMR Resection prostheses, with different indications.


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