Astragalic screw for surgical correction of flat and/or valgus feet.

  • Hemispherical head
  • Ease of use

The Spherus astragalic screw has been designed for the surgical correction of flat feet and calcaneal valgus in children.

Spherus screw

The Spherus screw has proved to be particularly effective, as the large contact and support surface of its base on the floor and walls of the sinus tarsi allows it to stabilize the calcaneus by distributing pressure loads over a larger area, thus minimizing the risk of the astragalic screw loosening or penetrating the calcaneus.


The material used is Titanium alloy Ti 6A1 4V ELI which guarantees very good biocompatibility and mechanical resistance.

An anodizing surface treatment gives the screw a different colour according to its length.


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