K-MOD with fixed plate

The fixed plate models are available in versions for posterior cruciate ligament conservation (CR), Ultra Congruent (UC), posterior stability (PS FXD) and the development of the medial pivot concept: Dynamic Congruence (DC).

K-MOD Dynamic Congruence

K-MOD Dynamic Congruence is the fixed plate solution that restores the natural kinematics of the knee, improving the patient’s ROM, stability and quality of life. The Dynamic Congruence insert is designed to restore natural joint anatomy and kinematics throughout the ROM.

The spherical surface of the medial side allows rotation of the condyle during flexion, while the lateral condyle can translate posteriorly thanks to the anatomical imprint.

The raised front edge completes stability by preventing anterior subluxation.


K-MOD ULTRACONGRUENT guarantees maximum stability in deep flexion, avoiding bone loss if the LCP is removed.

The ultracongruent design allows for mid-lateral and anterior-posterior stability. The raised front edge further reduces the risk of anterior dislocation.

K-MOD Cruciate Retaining

The K-MOD Cruciate Retaining insert allows the maintenance of the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), ensuring:

  • Maximum stability in deep flexion;
  • Rear stabilization;
  • Mediolateral


The fixed K-MOD PS insert requires minimal bone sacrifice, and, thanks to its ultracongruent mid flexion geometry, it guarantees excellent stability.