K-MOD is a primary total knee prosthesis system, notable for its modular components.

It is a system designed to minimize complications such as wear, instability and the risk of patellar dislocation.

A Complete Modular System

Thanks to the range of possibilities designed to satisfy the surgeon’s particular approach.

  • Fixed and mobile plate models;
  • Cemented and non-cemented implants;
  • Allergy


  • Anatomical correspondence, thanks to the optimized geometry of the femoral component:
    • improves knee flexion;
    • enables natural kinematics;
    • promotes physiological rollback.
  • Debris reduction: to limit wear, the tibial insert-component interface is polished to a mirror finish;
  • Possibility of inserting tibial stems for greater stability;
  • The frontal inclination of the femoral shield favours the compression of the cement (PMMA), facilitating the insertion of the implant and reducing the possibility of notching;
  • Skinny Femurs: These space-saving components with a small footprint in the ML plane, also known as narrow, are primarily aimed at female patients.

K-MOD with fixed plate

Available in cemented, non-cemented and allergy models.

  • K-MOD Dynamic Congruence
  • K-MOD Ultra-congruent
  • K-MOD Cruciate Retaining
  • K-MOD PS


K-MOD with mobile plate

Available in cemented, non-cemented and hypoallergenic models.

  • K-MOD Mobile Ultra-congruent
  • K-MOD PS Mobile
  • K-MOD APS Mobile

Hypoallergenic coating

Titanium Niobium Nitride (TiNbN) coating

  • The PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating isolates the cobalt-chromium substrate by creating a barrier to ion release, avoiding allergic reactions in patients who are sensitive to metals.

Uncemented coating

  • Ti-Growth-C® and HA plasma spray titanium coating.
  • The bi-metal design makes it possible to retain the mechanical properties of cobalt-chromium and to benefit from the properties of titanium, which stimulates osseointegration due to its high porosity.

Non-cemented, allergy coating

  • Available in the following components: CR femur, PS femur, mobile tibia and fixed tibia
  • Uncemented coating: Ti-Growth-C® + CaP
  • Allergy coating: TiNbN


The balancing of the ligaments is one of the objectives of knee arthroplasty, for this reason, the new K-MOD TENSOR has been introduced to complete K-MOD instrumentation

  • Checks: K-MOD TENSOR allows you to check ligament tension both before and after femoral cuts
  • Minimally invasive: It does not require any dislocation of the patella

Video Operating technique K-MOD 3REF

Video Operating technique K-MOD ANTERIOR REFERENCE


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