K-MOD REV CCK knee revision system is designed for primary and revision total knee arthroplasty in case of instability or collateral ligaments with inadequate functionality

The K-MOD REV CCK system is fully compatible and modular with the K-MOD REV BOXLESS system: the goal is, in fact, to be able to make it more effective revision surgeries and being able to adapt to different anatomical situations and needs of the surgeon, even in cases of damaged collateral ligaments.

Femur and Insert


  • 6 anatomical sizes (R/L)
  • Available in cemented or TiNbN coated versions
  • NOTCHING REDUCTION: the front part of the femoral component has an inclination of 4° which, allows for compression of the PMMA and minimizes the risk of notching.
  • REDUCED STRESS ON THE PATELLAR TENDON: a groove, characterized by an angle of 6° designed to best follow the movement of the patella during the entire range of motion


  • 6 sizes and 7 thicknesses
  • Internal and external rotation: +/- 3°
  • Varus/Valgus Constraint: +/- 2°


  • In common with K-MOD REV BOXLESS
  • 6 simmetrical sizes
  • Fixed bearing
  • With holes for: wedges and cortical screws

Complete modularity

K-MOD REV CCK modularity with K-MOD REV BOXLESS allows to intraoperatively choose the most appropriate degree of constraint for the individual  patient:

  • ANTERIOR AND POSTERIOR STABILIZATION using UltraCongruent UC inserts and Dynamic Congruence DC inserts with BOXLESS femur or PS posterior stability inserts with CCK femur.
  • CONSTRICTION IN VARUS/VALGUS and in FEMOROTIBIAL ROTATION using CCK inserts combined with CCK femur.

The primary prosthesis system K-MOD System and the revision prosthesis system K-MOD REV CCK e K-MOD REV BOXLESS share:

  • same femoral profile
  • same tibial and femoral dimensions in ML and AP

to guarantee maximum MODULARITY between the two systems.

K-MOD REV CCK operating technique


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