Straight uncemented stem.

The “S-TAPER” stem is a straight stem that allows for easy insertion and effective anchoring.


  • A conical shape in the antero-posterior and lateral plane so as to ensure an anchor not only in the proximal or distal part of the femur but over the entire portion of the prosthesis socket.
  • Gradual sizing of the entire prosthesis. As the size increases, the neck, width and thickness increase proportionally.
  • Distal end of the prosthesis rounded to enable easy insertion.
  • 2 holes for removal, one threaded axially at the apex of the stem and one in the antero-posterior.
  • The “S-TAPER” stem allows the joint biomechanics to be respected: CCD angle 131° and 123°.


In order to increase osseointegration without the use of additional porous coatings, the S-TAPER stem is finished using an extremely rugous corundation, ensuring Ra5-7 μ.


S-Taper Mirror

Endoprosthetic system for fractures of the trochanteric region in the elderly patient.

Modular system with distal centralizer.


  • Mirror surface
  • Long stem with wedge for lateral fractures.
  • Conical shape in the antero-posterior and lateral plane that ensures anchoring not only in the proximal or distal part of the femur but on the entire portion of the socket.
  • Proportional sizing of the stem. As size increases, neck, width and thickness increase accordingly.
  • Distal end of stem honed to allow insertion into the cement.
  • 8 stem sizes in different lengths.
  • Deformable distal centralizer in a single 17 mm size in PMMA.
  • Cervico-diaphyseal angle of 131°

The long version was created because of surgeons’ current need for an alternative system to the means of fixation (nail or screw-plate) in lateral fractures of the femur in elderly patients.

Wedges are added to the stem to restore the proper biomechanics of the hip.

  • 3 sizes in fixed lengths of 170 mm and 190 mm.
  • Possibility of slide insertion of wedges with accommodation on the calcar for lateral femoral neck fractures.
  • 8 wedge sizes with heights of 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 mm.


High-nitrogen stainless steel (ISO 5832/9).

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