Straight uncemented stem with metaphyseal press-fit.

The PCL stem is a straight stem which allows for easy insertion due to the lateral curvature with a thin, polished shank and tip. It offers effective anchorage guaranteed by the proximal trapezoidal geometry and by the presence of longitudinal ribs, rounded at the end to avoid points of osteolysis in the bone contact.

  • CCD angle 132°;
  • Pure titanium coating;
  • Trapezoidal cross-section;
  • Proximal Design;
  • Optimal metaphyseal (trapezoidal profile maximum filling);
  • Longitudinal anti-rotation ribs;
  • Medial geometric grooves, necessary for compression of the spongiosa: they guarantee a physiological valgus positioning of the stem during implantation.

Distal design

Polished and refined shank to avoid any contact between stem and cortical walls and the formation of shoulders and bone bridges.


  • Titanium with a low modulus of elasticity promotes a balanced load distribution over all surrounding areas, without concentration of stress on any specific area or element, similarly to what occurs in an intact, healthy femur.
  • Proximal section: porous Ti-Pore 300 coating in the proximal area promotes bone ingrowth.
  • Distal section: reduced porosity thanks to a surface finish made with microspheres.


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