Conceived from the design of the FIN stem to meet the needs of minimally invasive surgery.

The FIN SHORT stem provides an alternative to femoral resurfacing techniques, while maintaining the stability characteristics that have distinguished the FIN stem for the past 30 years.

Proximal design

Proximal press-fit design: ensures good proximal metaphyseal filling

Central design

Appropriately sized midsection: allows a gradual reduction of stresses transferred to the bone from the proximal to the distal area

Distal design

Refined distal section: prevents any contact between the stem and the cortical walls, avoids distal fibrous interposition


The FIN SHORT stem is coated with Porous Titanium Ti-Growth-C® which allows for secondary biological fixation between prosthesis and bone without interposition of fibrous tissue.

  • High anchorage between the coating and the titanium alloy (average value 35 MPA);
  • High rugosity 300-600 μm;
  • Porosity 30-70%:
  • Thickness equal to 500 μm.


  • 135°;
  • 125°:

The length of the neck remains consistent across all sizes.

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