22 October 2021

In recent ODEP ratings publication, our acetabular cup FIN CUP is upgraded to a 7A ODEP rating, demonstrating the strong evidence of 7 years clinical results.
FIN CUP,  designed in 1992, has, also, a 7 and 10 years survival rate of 98.6% in RIPO (Register of the Orthopaedic Prosthetic Implants) and 30 years history of implants and clinical performance.

An ODEP Rating consists of a NUMBER and a LETTER, and a STAR (optional).

The number represents the number of years for which the product’s performance has been evidenced. Seven years of evidence : product is on-track to achieve the 10 year benchmark

The letter represents the strength of evidence (data) presented by the manufacturer . A : Strong evidence, generally higher numbers of patients (giving greater confidence in the results presented), with all patients being subject to follow-up (their outcomes recorded).


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