K-MOD Dynamic Congruence

K-MOD Dynamic Congruence is the fixed bearing solution allowing restoration of natural knee kinematics, thereby improving ROM, stability and the patient’s quality of life

Dynamic Congruence insert was designed to restore the natural anatomy and joint kinematics throughout the entire ROM.

The spherical surface of the medial side allows the condyle to rotate during flexion, while the lateral condyle can move posteriorly thanks to the anatomic path.

The raised anterior lip completes stability by preventing the anterior subluxation.




  • Anatomical match, thanks to the optimized geometry of the femoral component:
    • Improves knee flexion;
    • Allows natural kinematics;
    • Promotes physiological rollback
  • Reduction of debris: to limit wear, the interface of insert-tibial component is mirror polished;
  • Possibility to add tibial stems, for greater stability
  • Available in cemented version: The anterior inclination of the femoral component aids bone cement (PMMA) compression, thereby facilitating the prosthesis implant and reducing notching
  • Skinny Femurs: are characterized by a lower coverage on ML plan, for this reason they address mainly female patients.


The balancing of the ligaments is one of the objectives of knee arthroplasty, for this reason, the new K-MOD TENSOR has been introduced to complete K-MOD instrumentation

  • Checks: K-MOD TENSOR allows you to check ligament tension both before and after femoral cuts
  • Minimally invasive: It does not require any dislocation of the patella

K-MOD 3REF Operating technique

K-MOD ANTERIOR REFERENCE Operating technique


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